The GameTab-one, a powerful tablet with a real controller holder!

A tablet for all gamers

The GameTab-one is a powerful tablet that is the perfect companion for all gamers, from casual to hardcore.

With its 7’’ wide multi-touch screen, its quad-core CPU, 1080p video output, Mali 400 GPU and the 3-axis motion sensor, the GameTab-one is built to offer the best experience with your favourite mobile videogames.

GameTab-one also includes a removable controller grip designed by Bigben Interactive. As recognized gaming accessory specialists, we have given special attention to the design and ergonomics to ensure a comfortable game experience with all the features you expect for great game play. This includes everything you need from a classic controller: dual-analog sticks, action buttons, D-pad, bumpers and triggers.

Plus, we have designed a complete touch screen mapping option, so the GameTab-one can map the virtual on-screen controls onto a real controller, making it fully compatible with 1000’s of games available on the Google Play store.

Hook up to your TV using the HDMI output and enjoy full screen gaming as well as movie viewing, photo galleries and internet browsing.

You can play on your GameTab-one just like a home game console.

Discover why this is for all gamers

A mobile gaming platform
with a real controller
that can become
a light and powerful
tablet for everyday use

A tablet to use everyday, everywhere

Detached from the controller, the GameTab-one is a full functioning tablet with the blazing power of a Quad Core CPU and GPU. The tablet remains compatible with all the games available on the Google Play Store, using the magic of multi-touch! The tablet is perfect for use it at work or at home...

The GameTab-one packs powerful components inside a small aluminum case. Both resistant and light, the tablet is 12 mm thin and weighs 346 grams. You can take it everywhere (and anytime with up to 15 hours of general use), or as the perfect sofa companion.

The Tablet comes pre-loaded with Android™ 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean), the world’s leading mobile operating system. Very versatile, fast and intuitive, Android allows you to do what you want: Chat and discuss with friends or family, watch videos, listen to music, send emails and browse the Internet...

And, of course, you can install all the applications available on the Google Play store, for the largest collection of e-books, songs, and more than 700,000 apps and games.

With the GameTab-one, all the world of entertainment is in your hands...

Discover why this is for everyday use