Detachable controller: Take the tablet anywhere

The GameTab-one was not only made for gaming, it is also a great product with several uses!

Once the tablet detached from the controller, it turns into a excellent multimedia platform with high-quality components.

Both resistant and light, with its practical 7 inches format, you can take it everywhere (and anytime with up to 15 hours of general use), or as the perfect sofa companion.

Compatible with all the Google Play apps

The Tablet comes pre-loaded with Android™ 4.2.2 (Jelly Bean), the world’s leading mobile operating system.

The power of the GameTab-one can entirely express itself via the millions of available apps on the Google Play Store.

Surf on the Internet, chat with your friends, write emails, give video calls all over the world, schedule your activities in an agenda, get an eye on your social networks…

The best the Web can give is now in your hands. There is so many things to do, and now with a peerless comfort!

Music, video, e-books…

As the GameTab-one is compatible with the most popular video and audio formats, it is a very practical multimedia tool. You will be able to listen to your music or to watch your films wherever you are. It will become your best friend during the long trips or in the public transports!

The GameTab-one can also be used as an e-book. This new way of reading has spread for a few years now, and the Google Play Store also proposes thousands of books. Your tablet can become a more practical and lighter version of your bedside book!

Know no bounds! The GameTab-one owns a 8gb intern memory, extendable up to 64gb. A large memory space that permits you to transport a large amount of content with you!

A full range of home & work accessories

To take away your new console safely, Bigben Interactive, leader in accessories creation, introduce a complete accessories line compatible with your GameTab-one: carrying case, protecting films, HDMI cable, stylus, tablet support…

We invite you also to discover a large line of compatible accessories for the GameTab-one. Color Block headsets, Bluetooth speakers… Make your GameTab-one experience even better!

Discover the dedicated and compatibles accessories for Gametab-one