A real controller

Mobile gaming will never be the same! Forget the little screens and the uncomfortable controls. With its controller, GameTab-one makes you feel like you were playing in your living room.

The Gametab-one has got two analogic sticks and all the buttons that you can find on a classic controller. Furthermore, its weight is balanced in order to make your gaming sessions as comfortable as possible.

Once the controller unplugged, the GameTab-one becomes a powerful tablet to use in the everyday life.

The GameTab-one includes a pratical software to configure the controller with the game you play.

This software makes the controller easily compatible with ALL your games ! To discover how to map your triggers, buttons and sticks for your tactile games, follow the guide!

A tablet designed for gaming

The GameTab-one is a powerful tablet, perfect companion for all the gamers, hardcore or casual.

With a wide multi touch screen, a Quad-Core processor cadenced up to 1,8 GHz, a 1080p video output, a Mali 400 graphic processor and a 4000mAh battery, the GameTab-one was built to offer the best mobile gaming experience ever and will allow you to enjoy hundreds hours of gaming.

Its gyroscope and 3-axis accelerometer will help you to get the best of your games.

Learn more about the Gametab-One technical specifications

More than 100 000 compatible games

With more than a million of available apps on Google Play™ (including more than 100 000 games), the GameTab-one gives you access to a great library.

First Person Shooters, Role Playing Games, Arcade games, Racing games… You will experience gaming on tablet like never before.

Bigben Interactive got together with , the worldwide leader mobile gaming studio, to propose you 4 pre-installed games including the famous racing game Asphalt 8: Airborne.

You will also run for your life in Danger Dash, take care of your farm in Green Farm, and raise your own dragon in Dragon Mania!

Immersive Experience with HDMI Double Screen

The GameTab-one also includes a mini-HDMI 1080p output to broadcast your multimedia content directly on your TV. Thanks to the resolution empowered by the quad core graphic processor and the HMDI output of the tablet, it is very easy to connect the GameTab-one to your TV.

Just link it with the Mini-HDMI/HDMI cable available in our range of dedicaced products, and enjoy your games on a big screen! The GameTab-one turns now into a real home console!

A full range of accessories

To take away your new console safely, Bigben Interactive, leader in accessories creation, introduce a complete accessories line compatible with your GameTab-one: carrying case, protecting films, HDMI cable, stylus, tablet support…

Coupled to a Turtle Beach gaming headset, your gaming experience will be as immersive as it can be!

Discover the dedicated and compatibles accessories for Gametab-one