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Bigben Interactive, European leader in game and smartphone accessories, equip your GAMETAB-ONE for all situations.

HDMI Flat cable


Display games, videos, photos,etc. from the GAMETAB-ONE directly on an HD screen (up to 1080p) using this HDMI® cable.

Premium Pack

GAMETAB-ONE Premium Pack

Protective sleeve, protect screen, pen sized stylus, Earphones, Folding stand… A great pack for your GAMETAB-ONE.

Carlight Adaptor


Charge your GameTab-one while you’re on the move!

Screen Protector

GAMETAB-ONE Screen Protector

An easy-to-apply protection film for the screen of your GameTab-one

More products to come! Note that if you have an accessory with a 3.5mm jack or mini-HDMI connection or a Bluetooth® support, then it will work with your GAMETAB-ONE!